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Best TMT Test Centre in South Kolkata Offers the Test Under an Economical Cost

The treadmill Test is known as a popular cardiological test. This test calculates the heart's ability and ensures how it reacts to excess stress conditions in different medical environments. For this TMT test, stress is evaluated using either a few minutes of exercise on a treadmill or pedalling on a bicycle. However, if you want to go through this test, Reliable Diagnostics is the best TMT centre in South Kolkata that offers this at the most economical price.
Being the best diagnostic centre in South Kolkata, we always use cutting-edge technology and advanced machines for every assessment. We are even committed to providing quality healthcare at affordable and accurate prices. Also, we are committed to offering timely reports without compromising anything.

How Should You Start Preparing for the TMT Test?

Reliable Diagnostics is known as the best TMT centre in South Kolkata. Having a skilled team of experts, we guide patients to follow some preparation methods for the TMT test.

  • Avoid caffeine consumption for at least three hours before the test will be performed.
  • Stop taking some medications as per the doctor’s guidance.
  • You need to report any kind of chest pains if you are suffering.

So, are you prepared? Give us a call so that we can guide you with further information.


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