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The best-in-class laboratories from across India Reliable Diagnostics to bring the latest technology and techniques within the reach of every individuals.

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We set standards that others try to live up to

Reliable Diagnostics is the unit of reliable group initiated by Mr. Aaaltabur Rahaman Mollah. Reliable Group has been out there for almost 25 years and has emerged as a leader in providing the best-integrated facility management services for the hospital and the hospitality sector. Reliable Diagnostics state of the art diagnostic center is located in the whereabouts of Chetla, Kolkata. Not many diagnostic centers are as big as Reliable diagnostics. Reliable diagnostics has the latest state of the art equipment and facilities at their center.

  • We are extra careful with our services.
  • We handle patients with immense care.
  • You can book an appointment with any specialist any time.
  • All our diagnostic services are affordable at best prices.
  • We have an online payment system through which you can pay online.

Why us

Reliable diagnostics center has been a leader in providing accurate diagnostic tests and services to its clients. We are a team of skilled individuals who treat thousands of patients by performing radiology exams and diagnostic imaging. If you want peace of mind, head over to a reliable diagnostics center. We are here for all the commoners alike. You don't have to pay a fortune to get your self diagnosed or receive treatment.

  • NABL Certified

    Our Ultramodern laboratory is accreditated by NABL Certified and recognised by other governmental departments.

  • Qualified facilities

    Apart from zero error reports, we use the latest and advanced types of equipment, everything is under one roof.

  • Top Level Doctors

    The doctors love us. The whole teams work dedicatedly and strive for perfection, that provides the highest level of care to patients from all classes.

  • Dedicated patient care

    We off all radiological and laboratory investigations all under one roof, we also perform specialized laboratory investigations.


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