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The electroencephalogram, or EEG test, is actually done for the purpose of evaluating electrical activity in the brain. There are electrical impulses through which the brain cells connect. Also, if you want to detect any potential problems associated with this activity, an EEG test should be used properly.
At Reliable Diagnostics, we understand the importance of precise EEG testing in diagnosing various neurological conditions. Being the best EEG centre in South Kolkata, we are well-equipped with the latest EEG technology, ensuring reliable results for our patients.

Preparations You Need for the EEG Test

Just before one night of the EEG test, it is advisable to wash your hair, but don’t put any kind of gel or spray on it.
Consult with your doctor and ask about the medications, as there is a need to stop certain medications.
Lastly, avoid eating or drinking anything containing caffeine that should be maintained for at least eight hours before the test is performed.
Whether you seek EEG services for epilepsy monitoring, sleep disorders, or other neurological conditions, you can trust Reliable Diagnostics, the best EEG centre in South Kolkata that delivers accurate results and superior care.


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